Python Boot Camp – Enables every one into the Python world

Python has become one of the most popular languages and one of the de-facto needs if you want to get into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The boot camp is 1 day instructor led online program which will cover basics of python needed for picking up ML and AI and/or Selenium Automation Testing, more over the entire cost is redeemable on any of our ATA Events for the next 6 months.

Participation and Attendance Certificate

You will be getting a participation and attendance certificate and digital badge for attending this program.

Learning Objectives for Python Bootcamp:

  1. Getting Started and lab preparation/Setup for the python boot camp
    1. Anaconda
    2. Jupyter Notebook
    3. Environment Setup
  2. Introduction to python
    1. Basic concepts
      1. Variables
      2. Basic Data types – Int, float, bool, complex, str
      3. Operators
      4. Modules
      5. Package
  3. Programming Constructs in python
    1. Operators
    2. Loops
  4. Python Data Structures and Operations(Selection, indexing, slicing)
    1. List
    2. Tuples
    3. Set
    4. Dictionary
  5. Functions in Python
  6. Operations relevant for machine learning
    1. Comprehensions
    2. Lamba
    3. Map
    4. Reduce
    5. Filter
  7. NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib introduction and Usage

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