CP-MLDS Foundation stands for “Certified Professional – Machine Learning and Data Science Foundation” certification prepared and honored by Agile Testing Alliance.

The course is applicable for all roles and knowledge, experience & certification is consciously designed for all those who want to learning practical Machine learning and Data Science.

What is new in this version 1.3 of CP-MLDS
As per this latest version of learning objectives,

  1. Module 4 for Linear Regression now includes Regularization Techniques of
    1. Lasso Regression and
    2. Ridge Regression
  2. Module 5 for classification is added with Decision Tree based classification technique.
  3. Enhancement in CP-MLDS Learning Structure by introducing Online Training Mode, which would help participants to join the training program anywhere across the Globe –
    1. Instructor Led Classroom Training Mode – At the same time, the learning structure has been modified to include mentored practical assignments post the 3 days training.
    2. Instructor Led Online Training Mode – Introduction of Instructor LED Online training Mode to the CP-MLDS Learning Structure to have 4 half days Online sessions over two consecutive weekends. Intermediate Week is meant for mentored practical assignments.

Upcoming Events

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#MLDSday is Agile Testing Alliance’s community initiative part of its Meetups to help everyone in the technology spectrum to pick up practical basics of Machine Learning and Data Science

Machine Learning and Data Science is on it’s way for being mainstream. It is one of the most sought-after skills in today’s fast changing Information Technology landscape.

The need cannot be more profoundly understood unless by going through the following article on Harvard Business Review, as Nokia is getting their entire team understand Machine learning,

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Python Boot Camp – Enables every one into the Python world

Python has become one of the most popular languages and one of the de-facto needs if you want to get into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The boot camp is 1 day instructor led online program which will cover basics of python needed for picking up ML and AI and/or Selenium Automation Testing, more over the entire cost is redeemable on any of our ATA Events for the next 6 months.

Participation and Attendance Certificate

You will be getting a participation and attendance certificate and digital badge for attending this program.